Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Suggestion about variable declaration
Author Jim Starkey
Jason Dodson wrote:

>This is generally bad practice... simply because there are at least three
>languages that I know of where i and j would be declared as Variants/Generic
>type in your example.
I've been staying out of this thread because I hate the trigger/store
procedure language with a passion (I much prefer the more simpler, more
powerful GDML trigger language).

That said, the current language is a Pascal derivative, certainly
because Borland flogged Pascal compilers. And while Pascal was once a
common pedagogical language, my understanding is that it has been
universally supplanted by Java. As Borland withers and dies, so most
likely will Pascal.

If we're going to be playing with trigger and procedure languages,
doesn't it make more sense to use C/C++/Java style declarations:

<type> <variable> [, <variable>] ;

rather than

declare <variable> [, <variable] <type>



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