Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] RDB$USERS Prospective Definition
Author Pierre Y.

>Question: are uid, guid, and group actually used for anything? They're
>defined in access control lists (acls) from the days when users were
Since the users table is centralized in the security database, I use
groups id to discriminate users between appplications, in the login form
I fill a combobox with users_names belonging to the users group(s)
allowed to connect to the application.

>authenticated from /etc/passwd, but I don't see how they could be useful
>in the current settings. If they are useful, this would be a very good
>time to drop them. I'd much rather add them back if/when we know what
>they mean than carry them around as lost baggage that might interfere
>with future use.
If the users table can be owned by the database itself (as in vulcan) i
won't have to use the GID field but will it be possible to extend the
"standard" users table to add useful fields ? (emails address, phone or
whatever can be needed by the application...)


Pierre Y.