Subject Back to Point in Time
Author Ali Gökçen
Hi Developers,

I know FB2 and vulcan will addressing a lot of problems and i will be
continue to test them in all stage as a firebird fanatic.
I have no problem with FB, it works great even on older PC machines
as a server for us.

i want to ask you about some features if they are implementable in
new versions or not.

Setting query-thread priority from client.
can we set running priority of a query in SQL syntax?
for example:
i don't care about the invoice service pressing ivoices in rush hour
in fast or slow, because printing machines allready very slow,
and it doesn't metter if it is pressed in 20 minutes or 22 minutes.
So, it will be nice if i give priority into their applications SQL
commands. They won't sense the difference but other users will get
faster response because of that 2 minutes.

Select blahblah,somecalculations from invoice
some joins
where conditions

There is a feature in oracle(hippopotamus, who tries to fly as
Firebird) Point-In-Time, you know. (db level transactions)
I don't need it but there is a
goverment specifications that captured from oracle features
documents. I think it's implementation is much easy in FB because of
MGA architecture. they have a lot of work to do this such as
transaction logs etc.. we may be save a pointintime snapshot backup
just in time without any complex data operations. with only open an
snaphot transaction and save its number somewhere as OIT to tell GC
thread to say don't touch this versions.
And may be if jim creates db-shedular thread we can automatize it
(delete olders and create news).
somebody may say, hey PIT has some risk, do an N-way replication
from client or such things.. is it cheaper than PIT? replication is
another thing i think.

i forgot that!