Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] SourceForge Lists
Author Milan Babuskov
Jim Starkey wrote:
> Something I considering setting up for Vulcan was a web-based discussion
> forum with email notification. A web based display has a number of
> clear advantages -- it shows the posts as a tree, performs uniform
> formatting, supports attachments, lets a responder see the full state of
> the thread before responding, and keeps a full archive of threads. I
> don't know the downsides because I haven't deployed it yet. It would
> probably take some iteration to get right, but for the devel list, I
> think it would be a big step forward.

The main drawback is that you have to be online to read it. It creates problems
if you have dial-up connection, when you travel, etc.

> Any other thoughts?

IMHO, The Best Thing (TM) to do would be to setup both forum and mailing list,
something like wxWidgets project has done. They made it available to read/post
to both the forum and mailing list (and a newsgroup too, btw).

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Milan Babuskov