Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] SourceForge Lists
Author Jim Starkey
Adriano dos Santos Fernandes wrote:

>Jim Starkey wrote:
>>OK, this has nothing to do with architecture, just SourceForge. We're
>>seeing up to a 12 hour delay (sometimes longer) for messages to
>>percollate through SourceForge (devel, admin, checkins). Is it just us,
>>or is everyone seeing this?
>More than 24 hours even for messages generated at sourceforge (firebird-checkins).
>Some messages I have to wait to send because SpamCop reject.
>Maybe this is radical but I think firebird-devel should be moved to yahoo.
If the problem persists, we need to do something. Yahoo is an
alternative, google groups is probably worth looking at.

Something I considering setting up for Vulcan was a web-based discussion
forum with email notification. A web based display has a number of
clear advantages -- it shows the posts as a tree, performs uniform
formatting, supports attachments, lets a responder see the full state of
the thread before responding, and keeps a full archive of threads. I
don't know the downsides because I haven't deployed it yet. It would
probably take some iteration to get right, but for the devel list, I
think it would be a big step forward.

Any other thoughts?


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