Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] XSQLDA/XSQLVAR issues
Author Nando Dessena

J> I favor throwing an exception object as an open ended solution. I've
J> never liked the magic 20 words of status vector even though I was
J> responsible for it. What's the right number? Simple, there isn't a
J> right number.

I have a hard time telling whether you are talking architecture or
details. An exception is not the solution to the fact that the status
vector has fixed length; a variable length status vector would be the
solution to that problem. The problems solved by exceptions are known
and I'm all for using them. Except that I don't fully understand how
to do it. :-) Using a callback is a viable idea, but since exceptions
are allocated at throw time and freed at catch time I wonder who's
going to allocate and free your callback-based exception objects. This
is not a new problem, though.

Nando Dessena