Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] XSQLDA/XSQLVAR issues
Author Jim Starkey
Dimitry Sibiryakov wrote:

> Most likely I had to write 'one compiler at a time'. You could
>notice that my english is rather bad.
> If I'm wrong again, tell me, please, how I can compile Vulcan on
>Windows with MinGW (gcc 3.2).
I know next to nothing about MinGW, but I assume that tweak to Linux
build should do the trick. Linux is the default build in the buildgen file. The proper way to handle it is set up a proper MinGW
platform in to handle any special switch or command
settings you may need. You may need to look at until
either your eyes cross or it makes sense. If the former, let me know
and I'll try to help.

>>Exceptions should be thrown as object, described above. That
>>mechanism by which the API throw exception objects could include a
>>callback to perform the dirty deeds.
> Mind you that I didn't talk about throwing an exception. I was
>afraid of troubles in catching it. But because you said that public
>API won't throw exceptions, this shut up my objections.
Exceptions cross library boundaries are always going to be trouble. If
we build in a function to register a callback with a known calling
sequence, we can the callback in your call to throw the actual
exception. The API implementation code doesn't care about the
mechanisms of the exception, just that a responsible adult does whatever
is required to make sure that it never returns from the exception callback.

I favor throwing an exception object as an open ended solution. I've
never liked the magic 20 words of status vector even though I was
responsible for it. What's the right number? Simple, there isn't a
right number.


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