Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] INTL plugins
Author Jim Starkey
Adriano dos Santos Fernandes wrote:

>Jim Starkey wrote:
>>That's certainly good enough for starters. If something you like better
>>presents itself during development, go for it.
>It seems that have a better way to handle the problem.
>Plugins that implement charsets need to implement the collation with the same name.
>There is a snippet of fbintl.conf:
><intl_module fbintl>
> filename $(root)/intl/fbintl
><charset NONE>
> intl_module fbintl
> collation NONE
This has the right feel. I defer to you on the semantics...

>Jim, why not you allow wildcards in "include" in config files?
>This make things easy: include $(root)/intl/*.conf
That could be done, and if this case, it might be appropriate. I
haven't done it so far because configuration files tend to chain
(personal -> application -> group -> site -> firebird) and by design an
earlier declaration overrides a later declaration. The
$(install)/client.conf, for example, has a wild carded database
declaration that sends the connect to the remote interface; any database
to be remapped or handled as embedded just appear in file before
client.conf. Wildcards don't specify order so they don't work well for
the general case, making them much less useful than the apache httpd.conf.

In this case, however, an international module will most likely apply to
all clients, engines, and servers, and will probably not override other
declarations. Putting a subdirectory of international conf files would
allow a site to drop in a module without having to tweak other config files.

This is well worth thinking about, particularly with regard to whether
this is something we might want to use for udf libraries, etc. Would
we, like apache2, have the root file simply end with a "include

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