Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] INTL plugins
Author Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
Jim Starkey wrote:
> That's certainly good enough for starters. If something you like better
> presents itself during development, go for it.
It seems that have a better way to handle the problem.
Plugins that implement charsets need to implement the collation with the same name.
There is a snippet of fbintl.conf:

<intl_module fbintl>
filename $(root)/intl/fbintl

<charset NONE>
intl_module fbintl
collation NONE

<charset OCTETS>
intl_module fbintl
collation OCTETS

<charset WIN1252>
intl_module fbintl
collation WIN1252
collation PXW_INTL
collation PXW_INTL850
collation PXW_NORDAN4
collation PXW_SPAN
collation PXW_SWEDFIN
collation WIN_PTBR

If someone implement a new collation for WIN1252 in another plugin it will be:

<charset WIN1252>
intl_module module
collation collation

Jim, why not you allow wildcards in "include" in config files?
This make things easy: include $(root)/intl/*.conf