Subject RE: [Firebird-Architect] Nice to have features for ISP's Hosting FB (imo)
Author Simon Carter
> > 5. Option to disable non sysdba use of server api functions.
> This would actually be a nice feature and fits within the
> security discussion.

I see this as very important, at the moment you could have user a hijacking
user b's database ( interm of adding tables etc) it *could* and I havn't
come across it as yet mean that user a is paying for diskspace/bandwidth for
user b's access of the database. If the logs were enhanced it would be
something that is easily monitored.

> Maybe add a feature to ban for a certain period of time.
> But, it is also pointless if the user is on a dynamic IP that
> changes every hour, or a dial-up user.

Not necessarily, if the connection is lost/made in a short period of time
the DHCP server would likely allocate the same ip at least until the ip
expires for the computer.

> > 7. Global UDF's that do not have to be declared in each database.
> This I would also go for.
> And, there's also the possibility to have someone
> implement(for a fee) the features that you are asking. You
> can go through the Firebird
> Foundation(

I already have a corporate membership to the foundation and admire what they
are doing, unfortunately I am not in a position to donate more money at the

1 thing I am doing is trying to actively promote FB to other ISP's, this has
been done by creating modules/interfaces that use existing control panels to
easily create/drop db's and users. I have also written a couple of apps for
checking active db's etc. I hope that the more isp's that use fb the more
of them will contribute to the foundation and help plough money into FB's
development. I believe that the suggestions I have made would make fb more
suited to many isp's who rely on MySQL and MSSQL :-) (imo)


Si Carter
TECT Software Ltd