Subject feature request: materialized views
Author Alexander Klenin
>From: "Ann W. Harrison" <aharrison@...>
> At 12:28 PM 9/16/2004, Alexander Klenin wrote:
>>I am talking about SNAPSHOTs aka MATERIALIZED VIEWs. The syntax
>>(simplified from Oracle):

> Probably this issue should be discussed on the
>architecture list rather than here.

> My short answer is that materialized views are probably not the answer to
> the question of how to distill data because they affect the global name
> space,
The issue of namespace is IMO completely orthogonal to the
concept of cached view. It can be implemented as either
connection-local-temporary or database-global-permanent,
or both.

> and because their are either performance burdens
>to the underlying tables, or horribly inconsistent.
Well, the fact that Oracle's implementation is perhaps
suboptimal does not, in itself, mean that Firebird is
unable to do better ;)
More to the point, I have used Oracle with some
respectable-sized databases and complex enough queries,
and I must say that, when applied correctly, MATERIALIZED
views can make a difference between an interactive
analytic application (responce time in seconds) and batch
report-generation one (response time in hours).
And all that with just a single word ;)

No doubt, this is not cure-all fit-all solution, but an
important tool for the right circumstances.

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