Subject RE: [Firebird-Architect] Firebird 2.0
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
donjules2k wrote:
> Hi,
> I was wondering what the development plans and goals were for 2.0. I
> would like to make some sugestions on
> features which I think would be usefull.
> 1) Using the IF keyword in standard sql. This would be useful for
> writting update scripts which check if a table
> or field exists before creating them. Currently I have an update
> script which throws errors becuase fields and or
> tables already exists.

It has been discussed previously. No final decision was ever made.

> 2) The ability to create and consume temporary tables in a stored
> procedures. Running any kind of DDL would be a bonus.

Apparently, it comes mostly from people that are used to these alternatives.

> 3) Storing security info in the same file as the DB instead of a
> seperate security file.

Doable and probably will appear at some time, but it gives a false sense of
security. A determined person will ultimately edit the database. There's a
Russian db editor, for example, that doesn't need the engine to interpret a
FB database.

> 4) Being able to run a normal select in a stored procedure and have it
> return a record set rather than having to
> "select into". It is often teadious to have to define paramters and
> select values into them. The SQL server
> approach would be nice where one can just run some SQL and it returns
> one or more recordsets. (I think this might
> be a really complex yet usefull feature to acheive)

Nice for the lazy people, although MsSql is not my model for a good design,
specially the clumsy, amorphous PL/SQL they offer. Having used MsSql for
some years, I didn't miss the feature too much.

> 5) A better SQL parser that would allow the creation of stored
> proecures and triggers without using SET TERM.

This has nothing to do with the engine. This is purely an isql limitation.
If you use a tool that doesn't need that trick, your problem is solved. The
engine always tries to strip a trailing semicolon if it exists. It knows
nothing about changing the terminator.