Subject Re: Firebird 2.0
Author donjules2k
Thanks Lester, I did see helens reply but could not find it on the site.

Good reading!

Just for confirmation.

The "EXECUTE BLOCK", will this allow me to run IF statements in
standard SQL?

Temporary tables aren't in the plan but derived ones are which is
great to know. One step at a time.

There seems to be some enhancements to security but my main worry is
that if one moves a database from one server to another the security
settings are lost. This is why I thought storing them in the DB itself
would be good.

I wonder what peoples thoughts are with regards to my suggestions 4 &
5. The FB 2.0 outline says:

"It will be updated and expanded in response to further feedback from
other Firebird developers and informed members of the user community."

So any thoughts / ideas on the points I have raised?

Also, is there active communications somewhere with regards to features?



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> donjules2k wrote:
> Have you check Helen's second comment
> How do you requests fit in with the roadmap - I think you may be
suprised ;)
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