Subject Happy Birthday Firebird/Interbase/GDS Galaxy
Author Jim Starkey
September 4th is the 20th anniversary of what is now Firebird. I quit
my job at DEC in August, took a three day end-of-summer holiday, and
began work on September 4, 1984 in my new career as a software
entrepreneur. As best as I can reconstruct, the first two files were
cpre.c and cpre.h (C preprocessor), later changed to gpre.c and gpre.h.
The files were created on a loaner DEC Pro/350, a PDP-11 personal
computer that went exactly nowhere, running XENIX. Gpre was my first C
program, XENIX was my first experience with Unix, and the Pro/350 was my
very last (but not lamented) experience with PDP-11s.

Happy birthday, Firebird!


Jim Starkey
Netfrastructure, Inc.
978 526-1376