Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Kicking users off the system
Author Jonathan Neve
Samofatov, Nickolai wrote:

>Hi, Jonathan!
>>I've heard that it's currently possible to cut all active
>>connections from a certain database, and/or simply refuse all
>>new ones. The problem is that this is not applicable, as far
>>as I understand, to connections with the SYSDBA user.
>>Now, I personally don't like database-level security, I do
>>everything in the user application. Therefore, all my users
>>connect as SYSDBA. Doing otherwise would require that we keep
>>up grants all the time, which is a time-consuming and
>>error-prone task.
>>Therefore, it would be very nice if there were some way of
>>warning all active connections that they are about to get
>>cut, and then, after a period of time, actually cutting them,
>>including the ones that connected as SYSDBA. Perhaps this
>>could be an option, since I dare say some of you may not like
>>this functionnality...
>Yes, there is a database shutdown functionality which cuts all
>attachments (including SYSDBA ones) and then allows only SYSDBA to
Oh! Please forgive my ignorance! :-)

Which version of FB is this implemented in? Did it already exist in IB 6.0?

>In Firebird 2 the functionality above is supported and known as
>"multi-user maintenance mode".
>2 new shutdown modes are added.
>"single-user maintenance mode" so you can perform critical tasks
>(usually database conversions/upgrades) without fear to be interrupted
>by concurrent activities.
>"full shutdown" forbids all attachments to database except one to bring
>it online. You may safely copy database using filesystem routines when
>it is fully shut down.
Very good. Is there any type of warning sent to the client side, so that
the users can be warned that they need to stop what they're doing within
a certain amount of time, or something like that?

>I think your question belongs to fb-devel list.
Ok, I'll suscribe to that list then. But in that case, what type of
question should go where? I supposed the fb-devel list was only for
FireBird developpers, which I'm not. I thought the architect list was
for discussing possible architectural changes, or new features...


Jonathan Neve.

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