Subject Kicking users off the system
Author Jonathan Neve

I've heard that it's currently possible to cut all active connections
from a certain database, and/or simply refuse all new ones. The problem
is that this is not applicable, as far as I understand, to connections
with the SYSDBA user.

Now, I personally don't like database-level security, I do everything in
the user application. Therefore, all my users connect as SYSDBA. Doing
otherwise would require that we keep up grants all the time, which is a
time-consuming and error-prone task.

Therefore, it would be very nice if there were some way of warning all
active connections that they are about to get cut, and then, after a
period of time, actually cutting them, including the ones that connected
as SYSDBA. Perhaps this could be an option, since I dare say some of you
may not like this functionnality...


Jonathan Neve.