Subject PJColKit v0.4, TIS620
Author peter_jacobi.rm
Dear All,

I just uploaded a new version of my fbintl2.dll
example (source, Win32 binary, sample scripts) to

Some defective handling of trailing spaces
in comparisons have been fixed, so the brave users
of LC_loadable may want to update.

Also, after about six months delay, the very interesting
case of the Thai character set TIS 620 and its sorting
according to the Thai Royal Dictionary, has been included
for testing. (See

This is also a first attempt to make the multi-level collations
more space efficent. Whereas current FB uses 24 bits/character,
the TIS620_TH_TH collation is happy with 10 bits/character, for
a full fledged four level collation.

The difference results from using variable length bitstrings
instead of entire bytes for all levels. Bitstring assignment
for TIS620_TH_TH can be seen here:

Best Regards,
Peter Jacobi