Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] External procedures: call for discussion
Author Phil Shrimpton
On Tuesday 11 May 2004 18:47, Leyne, Sean wrote:


> > It would be, but it has to be plugable. Only one platform FB runs on
> > supports .Net, and not everyone wants to install a JVM.
> Not quite true... don't forget about the Mono project!
> Mono project == .Net for Linux

Been paying quite a bit of attention to it, as Mono would be the posibly the
only reason to move from Win32 to .Net, but it is quite a way off, even in
the quite advance state it is currently in. Admittily, most of the areas
where Mono lags behind the MS version are areas like GUI and all the Windows
specific stuff, neither of which would really affect FB SP's, but those are
the areas I would use Java for anyway.


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