Subject External procedures: call for discussion
Author Roman Rokytskyy
Hi All,

With this post we would like to initiate a discussion about so called
"external" stored procedures.

Eugeney Putilin is working on Java stored procedures based on JayBird (I am
participating in this work as JayBird developer). His development is on
pretty advanced stage, it is already possible to call arbitrary static Java
methods as Firebird procedures and functions, code supports automatic
parameter conversion, etc. Selectable procedures are not yet supported, but
he's working in that direction.

Also during development we were actively communicating with Paul Ruizendaal
(he works on PL/SQL interpreter for Firebird) and it became obvious that if
we want both PL/SQL and Java SPs in Firebird, some kind of "plug-in" API is
needed. I dare to call presented paper a "result of our cooperation",
leaving a possibility for Paul to disagree with some ideas presented in it.

This paper does not pretend to be a guideline for development, main purpose
is to initiate a discussion, that in turn would result in a clean robust API
for engine plug-ins.

You can find above mentioned paper in the attachment. Also it was uploaded
to Firebird-Architect's file area
(, file

Looking forward for your comments.

Sincerely yours,
Roman Rokytskyy
Eugeney Putilin

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