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They likely have no more of a prejudice against XML than they do against comma-delimited, fixed-
width, .xls, HTML, or any other format. "isql" picks one (fixed-width) but only because something
had to be picked that was semi-usable in that environment (interactive ascii console.) The rest of
Firebird doesn't give a [*] about file formats for interchange; it doesn't provide client-side
functions to neatly output query results to file as fixed-width or comma-sep (that I know of), nor
does it do so for XML. All of that is left to 3rd party tools, whether yours or someone else's.
Some day, someone will come up with yet another neat new idea for a file format we should all use --
by being export-file-format-agnostic, Firebird stays out of the fray. It gives you all the tools
you need to get what you want, albeit with a bit of effort. As mentioned elsewhere, you (and
others) are welcome to contribute any tools that would save other developers time; providing those
tools is not a core Firebird priority though, as the API sufficiently empowers you, and time would
be better spent fixing or enhancing Firebird in other ways.

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> So am I correct in interpeting that the Firebird Architects group has
> a prejudice against XML or am I missing something ?
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