Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] RFC: Proposal for the implementation
Author Nando Dessena

AWH> REL_permanent 2
AWH> REL_view 4
AWH> REL_external 8
AWH> REL_temporary 16
AWH> REL_preserve_on_commit 32
AWH> REL_local 64

AWH> Let's make it easy on ourselves and use the existing
AWH> space.

if you also introduce BIT_AND and BIT_OR as internal (not UDF)
functions then it's OK. [system?] views could be defined to turn the
bitmasks into something more readable if and when the need arises.

If BIT_AND and BIT_OR are not available, on the other hand, it's
gonna make the life of catalog-exploring tools like FlameRobin

Nando Dessena