Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Reserved keywords
Author Jim Starkey
Jonathan Neve wrote:

>Ok, I see, thanks for the explanation. So it is possible, but it would
>be a bit work... Fair enough. I don't think there would be much
>advantage to going back on existing keywords (obviously), but it sure
>would be nice if the future new features that get introduced didn't
>introduce new keywords again... Changing column names in an existing
>database, to get around a new keyword, is a lot of work!
Yup. And pretty much wasted time, too.

Netfrastructure uses a top down, recursive descent parser that isn't the
least bit hung up on reserved words, but it assumes a professional
programmer and doesn't worry much about strict standard conformance. In
Netfrastructure, I'm more guided by the doctrine of "no arbitrary
differences" that the letter of the law. Works for me. Probably
doesn't work for Firebird.


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