Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] RFC: Proposal for the implementation of Temporary Tables.
Author Martijn Tonies
>From: "Ann W. Harrison"
> >But doesn't this say there's a difference between GLOBAL and
> Yes. And the difference affects whether data in the
> table is accessible through different modules. We don't
> implement modules, so by definition all access to firebird
> is through a single magic "default SQL-client module whose
> existence is not apparent to the user." Since there is only
> one default client module, global and local are the same.
> >Here:
> > >A global temporary table can be accessed from any associated
> > >SQL-client module.
> >
> >"SQL-client module": session/connection.
> No. SQL-session is a session/connection. SQL client-module
> is another beast entirely.

Long stuff snipped ;-)

This doesn't have to do with anything I or you read ...

InterBase and Oracle both implement it as:

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