Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] RFC: Proposal for the implementation of Temporary Tables.
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Jim Starkey wrote:

>Alexandre Benson Smith wrote:
>>I just used Temporary Tables on MSSQL, I could create it inside SP's
>>(what I think will not occur in FB right now), So different users could
>>run the same SP at the same time, but the Temporary Tables are just
>>visible for the connection.
>>I thought that temporary tables should only be visible inside the
>>connection that created it, or if defined as GLOBAL (as Martijn
>>suggested) could be seen for every connection...
>First, this isn't what the spec says. Second, the implementation of
>temporary tables with restricted visibility would be extremely difficult
>to do correctly in Firebird to due metadata visibility problems.
>Temporary table metadata has to be visible to the connection that
>created, certainly, and Firebird doesn't currently have a mechanism to
>make metadata selectively visible. It could be dummied, particularly
>after a rewrite of the Rsb mechanism, but then all of dfw would have to
>be re-implemented for temporary tables. All in all, a massive amount of
>code, all dedicated to violating the standard.

I got that, Ann has explained it either...

I have just used Temporary Tables in MSSQL, so, I just know how it works
there. And as you and Ann said, it's not conform to the specs. No
questions here, I couldn't agree more that the right way is to follow
the specs. I have just used temporary table in this sense, to hold some
data inside SP's, so I create and drop it inside de SP, and it's just
visible for that connection...

see you !


Alexandre Benson Smith
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