Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] RFC: Proposal for the implementation of Temporary Tables.
Author Jim Starkey
Alexandre Benson Smith wrote:

>I just used Temporary Tables on MSSQL, I could create it inside SP's
>(what I think will not occur in FB right now), So different users could
>run the same SP at the same time, but the Temporary Tables are just
>visible for the connection.
>I thought that temporary tables should only be visible inside the
>connection that created it, or if defined as GLOBAL (as Martijn
>suggested) could be seen for every connection...

First, this isn't what the spec says. Second, the implementation of
temporary tables with restricted visibility would be extremely difficult
to do correctly in Firebird to due metadata visibility problems.
Temporary table metadata has to be visible to the connection that
created, certainly, and Firebird doesn't currently have a mechanism to
make metadata selectively visible. It could be dummied, particularly
after a rewrite of the Rsb mechanism, but then all of dfw would have to
be re-implemented for temporary tables. All in all, a massive amount of
code, all dedicated to violating the standard.