Subject Re: Multi Connection meta data update
Author kartinku
Dear Team ,

I have observed the mail transers in this thread. Now I am looking
in to firebird code section which is having this exclusive connection
for FK creation.

Below is the comment in dfw.epp where firebird has this exclusive
connection check,

/* Get an exclusive lock on the database if the index being
defined enforces a foreign key constraint. This will prevent
the constraint from being violated during index construction. */

If anyone knows , about the details of this comment, kindly detail it
to me,
Is it due to notification issue in CS (classic server) we have
discussed in this thread.? If so as "Dmitry Yemanov" asked why do
firebird as such a check only for FK alone. If other constraints gets
propagated why won't FK constraints gets propagated.

Do I go ahead with my changes (commenting out exclusive connection
check for Super Server in dfw.epp).

Thanks & regards,

--- In, "Dmitry Yemanov"
<dimitr@u...> wrote:
> "Jim Starkey" <jas@n...> wrote:
> >
> > >It might be me ... but: what changes need to be propagated
> > >to a procedure or compiled request?
> > >
> > >New indices? Why?
> >
> > New indices need to be propogated in classic so updates performed in
> > other processes know to update the index.
> They are propagated. You may create an usual index in a multi-connection
> scenario in CS without problems, don't you? How do FK indices differ?
> Dmitry