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Author kartinku
Dear Members ,

We had several mail transfer regarding multi connection meta data
update earlier. I feel this as a needed feature in firebird for my
application. This may be needed for others also. Ann W. Harrison said
there are some notification problem in multi connection mode in
classic server. So it would be better if you support this in super
server alone. So please do let me know whether you will support this
feature in future or not.

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At 08:37 AM 9/28/2004, karthick srini wrote:

>So do I modify the code such that exclusive connection
>check is made only in classic server by including
>preprocessor like below.

I can't and wouldn't make the decision for the group.
Your solution bothers me for several reasons -

For one adding conditional code based on the build-type
seems like a regression - where does this fit with embedded?

For a second I'm not completely sure that creating of
foreign keys in multi-user mode will be handled correctly in
SuperServer, only that it won't in Classic

And for a third, I'm not happy with this as an addition
to the very close to frozen V2.0.


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