Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Group Commits
Author Pascalis

> Pascalis wrote:
>>I agree with you that at most cases it does not make any sense but there
>>exceptions. I can give you some examples I can thing of now:
>>1) There are applications where a unique sequential number (without holes)
>>is required on every transaction. In this case as you well understand
>>transaction waits previous one to commit.
> I'm sorry, but this has been discussed at length in the past. If that's
> what you need, generators won't do it. Generators are designed to
> satisfy a specific technical need, which is to generate unique ids.
> They are designed to satisfy the desires of bean counters. You have a
> different problem, and you will have to find a different solution.

I did not mention anything about generators and I do not have any problem
now. But if a thread commits transactions 5 times a second this will limit
transactions that depend on previous transactions (to update the same
record) to 5 trns/sec.