Subject Re: Group Commits
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> You may, but I don't think a transaction option is the right place.
> It may be desirable to let a transaction opt out of group commit (an
> open question; set response to Dmitry), but the choice of internal
> shouldn't be left to a user.

Maybe you're right, that config param + possibility to switch it off
is enough... The only argument I have is that usually TPB is
configured by the application developer, not by a user.

Will it be possible to update the value with isc_dpb_set_xxx (the same
way as, for example, sweep interval is)?

> In the prototype, the option (CommitInterval) is set in the
> configuration file and may be per system, per database, or default per
> system with per database override.

Ok. Thanks for the explanation.

Offtopic: Does your config file allow something like <include
/home/someuser/firebird/db.config/> to include configs from user homes
in case of an ISP? (I just try to think whether user will have a
possibility to change that value for his own databases).