Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Re: Group Commits
Author Jim Starkey
Roman Rokytskyy wrote:

>Jim, consider please the auto-commit mode in JDBC. Even if we don't
>like it, it is perfectly standard mode. When each UPDATE statement
>will take 200 ms (or even 50 ms), people will notice general slowdown
>of the applications. The experienced users might solve this issue
>relatively easy, but I suspect that newcomers will be frustrated and
>will jump to other DB (MySQL for example).
>Also I think that specifying a period on per-server basis (as config
>param, if I understood correctly) is too coarse-grained. One might
>want to have different delays on per-database basis, or even for
>different applications (one is read-mostly, for example, and another
>is batch import).
>Please add this as an optional TPB param with possibility to specify
>different delays. People need a possibility to use this feature only
>when it's needed.
You may, but I don't think a transaction option is the right place. It
may be desirable to let a transaction opt out of group commit (an open
question; set response to Dmitry), but the choice of internal shouldn't
be left to a user.

In the prototype, the option (CommitInterval) is set in the
configuration file and may be per system, per database, or default per
system with per database override.