Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Another plea for clearer error
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Ann W. Harrison wrote:

>>This will make lots of people (those hiding their sources
>>in distributed databases) quite unhappy.
>Right. And we'll need a solution for that - probably something
>original like a special privilege that allows the procedure to
>be read internally for compilation but not returned to the user.
>Or encryption. What we've got at the moment is barely even
>security by obscurity, given that ISQL will pretty print BLR...
I think all of you know that, but MSSQL (6.5 that I used) have an option
to the "create procedure" statement to encrypt the source code (that is
just to hide the developers code from curious eyes), again we will get
on the same place, if it is encrypted, the key should be in some place,
and once the key is there anyone could decrypt it. I don't think is all
bad since BLR could be reverse enginnered as well. So I think that
developers that "hide" the Stored Procedure's source code is just doing
security by obscurity.

see you !


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