Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Another plea for clearer error messages...
Author Jonathan Neve
Claudio Valderrama C. wrote:

>Jonathan Neve wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>A while ago, I mentionned the issue of error messages, and suggested
>>making them a bit clearer and more helpful, in particular, by
>>providing (in as many cases as applicable), the table/column name,
>>the value of column/parameter, the line number (in
>>triggers/procedures), as well as just more precision for certain
>>highly ambiguous error messages such as "Column unknown", "Arithmetic
>>overflow or string truncation", or "Unknown datatype", etc.
>What server version are you taking as an example?
Well, I alternate between FB 1.5 and IB 6.0. I guess if some of the
points I raised are already addressed, I might have got them from IB 6.
But still, it seems that some of the points remain.

>Most of the cases of "Token unknown" and "Column unknown" were fixed in Fb1,
>providing line and column information, that's almost totally accurate.
Ok, I guess I must have been comparing to IB 6 for this one.

>"Arithmetic overflow or string truncation" has been explained that's not
>trivial to fix. When you get to it, there's no notion of tables and fields
>but only descriptors (a structure that describes a value's attributes) two
>levels below where field names can be determined.
Ok. But how about the field value? It would be nice if we could at least
have the value of the field, and perhaps the length that was expected.
Also, this wasn't my main point. It would be nice if this message could
be made clearer, but even more important, it seems to me, would be to be
able to know, when an error occurs upon executing a SP or a trigger,
which line/statement it was trying to execute. Without this, debugging
SPs is a often nightmare.

>"Unknown datatype" happens probably with parameters. What do you want to do
>with it?
No, I was refering to unions. The exact message is rather "Datatype
unknown" if I remember correctly.

Jonathan Neve.

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