Subject Another plea for clearer error messages...
Author Jonathan Neve
Hi all,

A while ago, I mentionned the issue of error messages, and suggested
making them a bit clearer and more helpful, in particular, by providing
(in as many cases as applicable), the table/column name, the value of
column/parameter, the line number (in triggers/procedures), as well as
just more precision for certain highly ambiguous error messages such as
"Column unknown", "Arithmetic overflow or string truncation", or
"Unknown datatype", etc.

I got a little feedback (though not a whole lot). The general gist of
the responses was that developpers didn't consider this sort of thing
sufficiently exiting, and that it therefore isn't a priority... While I
can understand this, it does seem to me that clearer error messages
would save all of us a lot more time and effort than many of the other
more "exiting" features...

So what's the conclusion? Do you agree that this ought to be pushed up
the priority list somewhat?

Jonathan Neve.