Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Another plea for clearer error messages...
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:17 AM 28/10/2004 +0100, Jacqui Caren wrote:
>in the past 3+ months FB error messages have tended to be either spot on or
>totally misleading.

As an "architectural comment", this would be more useful with some explicit
examples. In some cases, the solution could be as simple as updating
msg.gdb before the next build.

What's needed is:

Error message I got:
ISC error code (since sometimes the text messages you see in third-party
tools are not the ones that are delivered from firebird.msg!)
Your suggested improvement.

~~~~ To be most aptly posted to firebird-devel.~~~~

>Of course, half of the time, the problem may be how I am using Firebird
>- i.e writing SP driven template engines etc :-)

Although it's getting off-topic for architect...many of the most-used data
access interfaces either provide their own, in-context interpretations of
the isc codes or encapsulate the means to do so in their software. It
sounds like something you could usefully build into your own products.