Subject A plea for clearer error messages!!
Author Jonathan Neve
Hi all!

After speding an hour or so trying to figure out where a "string
truncation" error message was coming from in a SP, I would like to make
a plea for clearer error messages, in particular concerning SPs. When an
error occurs in an SP, it would be very helpful to know which statement
is causing it and/or which line!

Also, independantly of SPs, many common error messages could use some
serious clarification. For example, if there's a string truncation, it
would be nice to know which column/parameter is concerned. In a UNION,
instead of "Data type unknown", it would be nice to know which field and
which datatype. When defining a SP or a trigger, the "Column unknown"
message shows up if a parameter (not a column!) is unknown: it would be
nice to know which one. I'm sure you can think of more...

This is probably not a major feature, nor a lot of work, but it would
certainly be an appreciable enhancement, which would make our every day
life much easier.

What do you think?

Jonathan Neve.