Subject fbintl2.dll for Firebird 1.5
Author peter_jacobi.rm
I've uploaded a small fbintl2.dll example for Firebird 1.5
to our file area:

Source, Win32 binaries and sample scripts provided.

Thanks to David Schnepper who taught me writing this code
(but of course, all errors to be unearthed are mine).

It implements two character sets:

The somewhat outdated German 7bit character set

A character set for easy input of control chars
or any UNICODE character using Java-like
escape sequences \uXXXX

And apart from the default ones, one collation
ISO646_DE_DE, a no-case, no-accent de_DE collation.

Sorry if this looks somewhat misplaced in Architect, but I'm
assembling pieces for architecteral discussion about
charset/collation issues.

Peter Jacobi