Subject Re: Collations
Author peter_jacobi.rm
Hi Paul, Helen,
ATTN: Webmaster,

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> At 09:54 AM 17/06/2003 +0100, Paul wrote:
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> Die, Outhouse Express!!!

I hit reply on this post, as it seems to be the saner
of the two versions.

I managed to put together the URL but I would like
to note that the ZIP offered there doesn't contain the
CollationKit2.* files listed in its manifest.

I wouldn't miss the .txt and .doc versions that much, if not
three out of three browsers (name withheld to protect the guilty)
were unable to print the .html without cutting off the right
edge (I came along with editing the .html).

So this closes the circle on the miserable state of Internet

And back to the topic:
From a *very* first reading of the material offered, I have
the impression that Firebird implements the full glory of
UNICODE collating. So it's even more astonishing to see that
the collating is linked to the character encoding. Why would you
have some collating available for 8859-1 but not for cp1252
and vice versa?

Peter Jacobi