Subject RE: Re[4]: [Firebird-Architect] ORs in Where statement
Author Doug Chamberlin
At 6/13/2003 09:04 AM (Friday), Leyne, Sean wrote:
> > No, that's not what I meant. What Doug was saying is that if, in the
> > UDF, there is a logging feature(as an example), by simply writing to a
> > text file, whenever the UDF is called.
>If one of my developers ever added that type of UDF to the operator of
>an IF statement, I would promptly take out to be shot!!!

Just to be clear, I don't advocate this sort of practice either. However,
when you are designing language rules you have to explore the full set of
possibilities, not just what you consider good practice.

I was just adding to a summary discussion that appeared a bit myopic.