Subject RE: [Firebird-Architect] unique constraint on NULL column?
Author Dmitry Yemanov

> Now a FAQ: When will release 1.5 of Firebird be available?

Once it's ready. No significant changes are currently allowed and the
codebase is almost frozen. But our public testers are still able to report
some issues and we're not going to release unstable server. I think that we
should release RC3 next week and look at the feedback to determine possible
timeframe for the final release.

> Where can I find a changelog for firebird1.5? The only thing I could
> find is the file firebird/firebird2/doc/WhatsNew in CVS, but it seems
> not to be the file that I am looking for.

firebird/firebird2/doc/WhatsNew is a description of changes, i.e. simplified
version of Release Notes.
firebird/firebird2/ChangeLog - the complete changelog of v1.5