Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Performances problem with IB 6.5 and Firebird (compared to IB 4.2)
Author C├ędric JOUBERT
Ok, thanks I will make the test with your query.


> Cedric:
> Since you are testing anyway, I would be interested to see you run this SQL
> on the two ODS 10 database servers:
> select count(*) from ent_tdv
> JOIN lig_tdv
> ON
> ent_tdv.soc_c_code = lig_tdv.soc_c_code
> and ent_tdv.exe_i_num = lig_tdv.exe_i_num
> and ent_tdv.sou_c_cod = lig_tdv.sou_c_cod
> and ent_tdv.etv_c_numticket = lig_tdv.etv_c_numticket
> I'm curious to know whether the same query goes faster on ODS 10 with
> explicit joins than on ODS 8 with implicit joins...because you have such a
> large foreign key there, it would be interesting to see the comparative
> overhead of one syntax over the other vis-a-vis each of the ODS 10 servers,
> too.
> Helen