Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] XML
Author Martijn Tonies

> >Although XML started out as a standard, with DTDs etc etc,
> >the current XML usage is far from it. From numerous (web)
> >sources you can read that parsing XML is slowish and people
> >start building own xml parsers that always expect a certain
> >xml format etc etc...
> Let me see. Your objection to XML is that someone can write a bad
> parser that doesn't conform to the standard. I think I first heard that
> objection to Fortran-II on the 7094.

No, not exactly - but if the usage makes the standard unusable
(for whatever reason), and people go around this by writing
bad parsers (and other things), I think the "standard" part is
becoming less clear...

> If you don't like XML, you're going to hate Turing machines...

I do think XML is overhyped as "the next big thing" - let alone
storage systems (juk!).

Martijn Tonies