Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] XML
Author Phil Shrimpton
On Wednesday 16 April 2003 15:46, Jim Starkey wrote:


> There seems broad consensus that XML is general, cross platform, and cross
> industry segment.

I agree, and I would also add cross language to that list

> It has not been discussed, but I am prepared to argue
> that the server overhead to generate or deconstruct XML is less than the
> cost of shipping the data in out or into the server to perform the
> operations on the client.

Again, I would agree. This is the major issue with SOAP/Webservices, the
functionality is there, but it would be quicker to use the postal service!

> This just leaves the large question of how the data conversions might be
> done.
> So far there have been three suggestions. The first is that XML can be
> generated by existing stored procedure language.

This would be re-inventing the wheel somewhat, as there are more than enough
XML libraries available for every language under the sun already, without
writing a new one.

> A second
> suggestion is Firebird embed a real programming language, specifically
> Java, which can support
> a civilized library of functions.

This would also satisfy a number of other 'feature requests'

> Embedding a JVM into Firebird is an
> ideal I've
> been pushing for years, but so far, no takers.

There are takers (from the user side), but I have no idea how feasible it
would be to do, especially in a 'plugable' form


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