Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Phoenix web browser renamed to Firebird
Author Paul Schmidt
On April 15, 2003 06:31 pm, Jim Starkey wrote:
> At 06:20 PM 4/15/03 -0400, Ann W. Harrison wrote:
> >At 10:04 PM 4/15/2003 +0000, uptownb0y wrote:
> > >There's some controversy, at Slashdot, the Mozilla forums, and
> > >elsewhere, about the use of the "Firebird" name ...
> >
> >We have three avenues that I can think of. First, appeal to the
> >people who do the real work at Mozilla, who may be more sympathetic
> >to our position. Second, be absolutely certain that the management
> >at Mozilla and the Mozilla users are aware that we are not happy.
> >Third, be sure the press understands that we're unhappy and feel
> >that we've been damaged. The usual fourth, sue the pants off the
> >bastards doesn't work well if neither we nor they have money.
> Don't give up on the fourth so soon. Going after is, of
> course, absurd. But going after commercial entities that abuse the
> Firebird trademark is a totally different story. Unlike,
> RedHat and Suse are real companies with real assets to protect. Make it
> crystal clear to them that Firebird has every intention of protecting its
> trademark and at least one of two things will happen. First, RedHat and
> Suse will put the screws to Mozilla to avoid legal problems. Second,
> getting a lawyer to sue RedHat and Suse on contingency will be walk in the
> park, probably a very lucrative walk in the part.

Come now, the only ones that gain when Open Source projects start suing each
other is The Evil Empire(tm) and it's Emperor. The Firebird Project screwed
up when we (the royal we here) didn't have the foresite to register the
trademark Firebird. The real way to fix this now is to immediately register
the trademark name The Firebird Database, then adopt that usage everywhere
that we use Firebird now. Heck we use FB more then we use Firebird.