Subject Seeking Reviewers://Enterprise Architecture
Author James McGovern
I am the lead author of an upcoming book on Enterprise Architecture to be
published in the February timeframe. The author team is seeking interested
individuals to provide informal feedback on the manuscript.

The topics covered in the book are:

a.. Business Architecture
b.. I.T. Governance
c.. I.T. Portfolio Management
d.. Quality Management
e.. Software Risk Management
f.. Defect Management
g.. Project Management
h.. Project Lifecycles
i.. Release Management
j.. Architectural Assessments
k.. Process Patterns
l.. Architecture Modeling Techniques
m.. Thought Leadership

If you'd be interested in being a reviewer, please reply back with a
non-FREE email account (Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN etc) and the name of your
employer. We will be sending out the manuscript in non-printable PDF format
and it may exceed the size limit of free email services. Of special interest
are reviewers with the following backgrounds:
a.. Employees of Fortune 100 organizations (not consultants)
b.. Employees of large consulting firms (CSC, Headstrong, Accenture and
others with greater than 1,000 employees)
c.. Professors at major universities
d.. Reviewers from countries such as: Canada, Caribbean and South American
Countries, The Middle East, Germany, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, Mexico
and Indonesia
e.. Previously published authors on computer related topics
When replying, please indicate the country in which you reside and the name
of your employer. PDF will be sent via email in approx four to six weeks. If
you are also interested in reviewing other books in progress or becoming a
writer yourself, please subscribe to the computerbookauthors Yahoo Group:

Thanks in advance

James McGovern
Author of Java Web Services Architecture

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