Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] On the Five Normal Forms and IB7
Author Paul Reeves
Leyne, Sean wrote:

> Admitedly, I could have responded to Marius asking what he was trying
> to get at, but I guess my mind wasn't fully engaged (it was the
> weekend after all ;-])

That's OK - it's taken me a full eleven days to even get around to
catching up with Fb-Architect!

>> And Sean, just where do we discuss implementation of support for
>> relational database theory in the engine? :-)
> Since, Jim has made some recent posts to the devel list, perhaps he
> would like to move the discussion there? ;-)))


No, it probably belongs here.

One of the basic points that the database debunkings site aims to make,
is that rdbms vendors and application developers seem to be pathetically
ill-informed about the theoretical under-pinnings of relational databases.

I would guess that Marius was drawing attention to the fact that an IB
7.0 presentation was following in this trend. I would also guess that he
was hoping for a more positive response from this list - a kind of
affirmation that we actually understand the theory, and are able to
argue some of the finer points.

I always thought that normal forms were ways of describing alien shape
shifters, but maybe I've been watching too much sci-fi <g>. (And now
that I've said that I suspect that I'll never be able to explain the
subject with a straight face ever again.)


Paul Reeves
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