Subject On the Five Normal Forms and IB7
Author Marius Popa

integrity should be at the server not the application

quote :
"I was at a presentation yesterday given by Borland
regarding their "database product" Interbase 7. I
asked a "silly" question relating to using their
system with a fully normalized (to 5NF) database
design - it was an attempt to see the reaction of the
participants to mentioning relational database design.
I have to admit that the reaction to my question
brought forth mostly negative reactions - as if I was
a fool to be even considering proper design. The
reactions included many of the examples that I have
read of in the various articles you have on your

Only one other person even considered that data
integrity (in all its many requirements) was worth
more than a passing glance. Most of the reactions seem
to be on the lines that data integrity was an
application issue not a database design issue. In a
brief discussion with this fellow, he mentioned 6NF. "

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