Subject Re[2]: [IB-Architect] Re: Embedded Transactions
Author Nickolay Samofatov
Hello, Ann !

> At 03:49 PM 2/10/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>> > Paul Ruizendaal will be at FOSDEM and has asked to talk about
>> > using Firebird in Compiere...
>>As you said, you're back from FOSDEM. Did you have a talk with Paul
>>Ruizendaal? What do they need to make Compiere run with Firebird?

> It appears that the error handling in stored procedures and triggers
> will suffice in places of nested transactions. We had some conversation
> relative to accessing foreign data sources --- something like taking
> the oracle gate way code and replacing the Oracle API with JDBC.

> Interesting prospect.

Ann, don't you remember that savepoints do work in Firebird 1.5 ?
And nested transactions is just another name for savepoints ?

I already received some letters from people using it in Java code
to handle exceptions (and I also do it) this way:

try {
} catch(Exception ex) {

> Regards,

> Ann

Nickolay Samofatov