Subject Re[2]: [IB-Architect] Hoard Memory Allocator
Author Nickolay Samofatov
Hello Mark,

Thursday, September 26, 2002, 6:07:45 AM, you wrote:

> Hi John

> John Bellardo wrote:

>>I have been thinking about it too, and I think it merits further
>>investigation / discussion / prototyping. I am particularly concerned
>>about maintaining a lock manager design that is both efficient in a
>>single server process model, while allowing for a multi process (but
>>not necessarily 1 to 1) server model.
> I glad you agree.
I also thought of it made this way. It is not so difficult. Current
in-process lock manager needs to be just slightly modified
(fine-grained synchronization added). And shared memory lock manager
also require just a slight modification (it shouldn't assume that
there is only one connection per process).

>>>So the best answer I see is going to be to try a few prototypes', see
>>>how they perform, and if a threaded classic does show real promises (as
>>>I think it will) and doesn't impact much on super, then we can slip it
>>>in as an upgrade.
>>I agree that we should work on a prototype or two, but not until FB 1.5
>>has stabilized more. That, and a 1.01 release should be the most
>>important items right now.
> I agree with the priorities.
Of course. But i suspect analysis and optimization of CS version memory
utilization first. I don't say that we should abandon all features from
SUPERSERVER #ifdefs. I just say that we should take CS a threading
model starting point.

> However, I suspect if Nickolay is interested then he's likely to do
> something anyway. Hopefully he finds some other bug in firebird in the
> short term to occupy his interest, :-).
You are very true :)))
I'm trying to make it stable. FB2 doesn't pass a couple of
my tests (it leaks memory and still has some lock manager issues).
I cannot add features and do architectural changes until it will be
fixed enough to be used in my production environment (with hundreds of
concurrent users, thousands of tables and many several GB size databases).
I need help with cleaning out of memory leaks. There are very many but
they all are marked with file name/line number information.

> Although, I know Im letting the linux side down currently (but since
> nonone is paying, and Im busy - so thats how it unfortunately goes).
I'm trying to keep it up. At least CS variant. Dmitry keeps SS version
on Windows and Erik works on Sinix-Z CS version. But we miss your help
much. Hordes of roaring bugs await your attention :)

> Cheers

> Mark

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