Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Hoard Memory Allocator
Author Mark O'Donohue
Hi John

John Bellardo wrote:

>I have been thinking about it too, and I think it merits further
>investigation / discussion / prototyping. I am particularly concerned
>about maintaining a lock manager design that is both efficient in a
>single server process model, while allowing for a multi process (but
>not necessarily 1 to 1) server model.
I glad you agree.

>>So the best answer I see is going to be to try a few prototypes', see
>>how they perform, and if a threaded classic does show real promises (as
>>I think it will) and doesn't impact much on super, then we can slip it
>>in as an upgrade.
>I agree that we should work on a prototype or two, but not until FB 1.5
>has stabilized more. That, and a 1.01 release should be the most
>important items right now.
I agree with the priorities.

However, I suspect if Nickolay is interested then he's likely to do
something anyway. Hopefully he finds some other bug in firebird in the
short term to occupy his interest, :-).

Although, I know Im letting the linux side down currently (but since
nonone is paying, and Im busy - so thats how it unfortunately goes).



BTW: I am also interested in checking out 64bit linux with fb2 (in
theory is should be working - thanks in large part to Erik).

[ Now I've cc'ed this to firebird-devel, at some stage we will need to
resolve this two newsgroups thing, which has it's up sides, you can ask
jim something, and it's downsides, it's not as visible from firebird,
info is split and firebird doesn't archive it - but a solution can wait]