Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Re: [snipped] Classic vs SuperServer wa s IB/FB Lock manager failures
Author Paul Reeves
Helen Borrie wrote:
> Neither of you who complained about this took the trouble to edit your
> headers. That's what makes it "annoying and cumbersome", not the fact that
> the questions are getting broader coverage.

It was purposeful on my part. If I change a header, I start a new
subject, which usually means I'm not reply to an existing post. In this
case I was reply to an existing post.

Anyway, that isn't really the point. We all live with those
inconveniences ( thread hijack, thread drift) every day. Mirroring one
list onto another is something else altogether.

> I support Dmitry's efforts currently to get these issues discussed between

But why do we want the same posts on two lists? I'm happy about the
split between the architecture and development lists. Most (if not all)
of those who are interested are subscribed to both lists anyway. We
probably just need to make it clearer that those interested in firebird
development should also subscribe to ib-architect.

> the two lists but I DO ask that, when forwarding from one list to the
> other, you strip the list ID's out of the Subject. It only takes a second.

No - please don't do that! That would be even worse. At least, at the
moment I can detect the mirrored posts visually. If the ib-architect
origin was stripped I would have to spend more time verifying whether
the mail had content I had already read in it.

Let's face it - email is meant to be an aid to get work done, not an end
in itself. Sometimes I think I'm spending more time reading, writing and
managing emails than anything else.


Paul Reeves
Supporting users of Firebird and InterBase